Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading: Only 10 Swiss Francs

Rosalie Schweiker / Jo Waterhouse


When London-based artist Rosalie Schweiker first went to a tarot reading, she realized that the tarot reader was selling a service very similar to her own art practice: the creation of a social setting with pleasant, absurd, and humorous interactions. Rosalie Schweiker was inspired to produce her own tarot deck and began using as a "hustle" to earn quick money. In 2013, Jo Waterhouse joined the enterprise and, together, the two friends printed a new set of cards. Rosalie Schweiker says, “Artists often earn no money for the work they show at exhibitions. Which is why many of us have a hard time making a living, even in rich countries like Switzerland. We decided to launch the tarot franchise because artists need sustained attention and solidarity to maintain their creative practice.” At Transactions, visitors can have a reading done – at the bargain price of 10 Swiss francs

Tarot readers: Mirjam Bayerdörfer, San Keller, Margit Säde, Manuela Schwarz, Lian Staehelin, Rosalie Schweiker, Désirée Wiesendanger, Cristina Witzig and others