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Transactions / Künstlergasse 12


Fairness in the form of just working and living conditions is essential for economic activity. Marianthe Stavridou and Sumon Vangchuay, for example, demonstrate how improving economic conditions for refugees would have a positive impact on the economy as a whole. Nicola Müller, for his part, advocates better legal protection for whistleblowers who expose unfairness and misconduct in their organizations.

And an completely unsolved problem is posed by neocolonial inequality: in his work, Stephan Hochleithner shows how disregard for traditional structures in the Congo has led persons displaced by violence into mortal danger: instead of finding refuge with host families, they are exploited like slaves. In the same vein, Studio CAMP and Lea Pfäffli also focus on the prospects of (former) colonial peoples and their room to maneuver.